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rent payment help

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rent payment help, Rent: I need help paying my rent i have been living on savings and i only have half of the

I need help paying my rent i have been living on savings and i only have half of the rent im doing this to support my daughter we have no where else to stay please help us (profile pic is my daughter my life whom i am fighting for to survive in this rescission) any help of donations will help and also job offers i have applied in so many places its hard not many are hiring
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About jujaz

I have been unemployed for over a year now (since 9/2008) and have exausted all of my savings and am about to be evicted and have my car repossessed.  I am a single mom (literally) of a 16 year old magnet(gifted) honor student.  I feel so ashamed that I can't give her the necessasties, because she has been very good and supportive during these hard times.  She has not complained or asked for things that I know she wants and needs.  I've gotten replies to jobs that I applied for that tell me that I am over qualified or that I don't have enought education.  I really am at the end of my rope and don't know where to turn.  My church has paid our rent sometimes during the past year, but they can't afford to continue.  The tax season is here and I will be able to make a little money doing taxes, but I need help to get current on my bills.  If I can get to a point were my bills are paid up, I think I can do some domestic work and taxes and get back on my feet.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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About abbinjames

Hi, my name is Abbi. My husband James is going to be going away for awile and I need some help with rent while he is away. Please somebody help me so that I would be able to keep my place. He has been sentenced to 1 year in the Arizona Department of Corrections (Prision). If you can help me in any way please E-MAIL me at            THANK YOU ABBI                                                                                               

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About Jacky16

My Name is Jacky, and I need help.

I recently went through the loss of my first child. I had a Beautuful Baby Boy, Logan Dennis. He was only with us for 25 hours before he passed away. It has been really hard. Then to top everything off, my roomate up and left without notice. It's been really hard paying all my bills. I really need help paying my rent for January. $775.00 and it would be really awsome if I could get help alittle with other bills. $1,000.00 would help me so much. If anyone can help me I would be highly greatful. PLEASE ANYONE I NEED HELP

Thank You,


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christmas help

 Hello, Iam greygirl, a mother of 5 children, and wife of a disabled husband, (broke his back in 1994)
was working up to March of 05, denied disabliltiy and waiting for a hearing for about a year and a half. I just started a part time job, but it is very little pay, (something is better than NOTHING) we currently are just barley surviving. We could really use some help. I know its very close now to christmas, but we need help paying the rent, we need for January. the children need clothes, shoes and perhaps a few toys for christmas, and some food. Ive had alot of trouble trying to contact ANYONE with help and advise.  I am so worried that were not going to have a home to live in.
can you please help? I am greatful for anything.........Thank you, and have a blessed christmas and healthy, happy new year.                        Greygirl
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very low income family of 7 needs christmas help

We are a family of 7 in desperate need of financial help. My husband is disabled, and still waiting for a disability hearing after  months. I am working part time only making 8.50 an hour and getting paid bi- weekly. barely covers food. we have 5 children. my 15 year old has diabetes, and along with another brother who is learning disabled. my 16 year old no longer resides with us, and we miss him terribly. we also have an 11 year old, and a 10 year old girl who requires alot of attention. We would be so greatful if someone could help us pay our rent for 2 months, christmas gifts for our children as well as some decent food to eat. Please help us. I am so despeprate and severly depressed over our situation. I just want to get through the holidays with security for my children. thank you for reading my ad. I will be greatful for any help at all..

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